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curb magazine

project includes publication brand identity, magazine layout design, art direction, reporting and writing stories/multimedia pieces



school of 



art director, designer

& writer



As an Art Director & Designer for Curb Magazine, a lifestyle magazine produced annually by 23 University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication students. As the Art Director, I managed a team of three designers & a photographer. I created the style guide and magazine layout structure for the designers to use, and art-directed photo shoots with the photographer. I collaborated with writers, business planners, and production artists to fund, create and publish a magazine in under four months. 


Take a peek inside Curb Pause.

our philosophy
In a turbulent year of global crisis and civil revolution, many have been forced to put their regular lives on pause. For some it’s peaceful, but for others it’s tumultuous. As Wisconsin begins to progress, we invite you to take an intentional pause with us to recognize injustices, rewind to reflect on historic parallels and amplify voices that have been muted for generations — before we press play on the next track of our state’s future.
creative approach
Our creative approach emphasizes the pause that the pandemic had on our lives. Through our design elements, we aimed to evoke the feelings stirred up during this turbulent year — peace and silence, isolation, recognition, reflection and endurance. Every design choice intentionally reflected Wisconsin's experience during the pandemic. From the photo styling to the layout, our approach aimed to allow readers to 'pause.'

behind the scenes

While most of our work was completed over zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic, we did have some opportunities to shoot work outdoors in a make-shift studio.
On the left: Our launch party celebrating the distribution of 10,000 magazines across the state of Wisconsin and throughout the country. 
Bottom left: I art directed a shoot for page 6, which highlighted favorite products during the pandemic. Our photographer and I set up a studio outside to abide by COVID precautions which made this exciting as we had to get creative with the light and outdoor elements.
Bottom right: I am art directing our staff headshots which were used on the back of the magazine for the School of Journalism advertisement. 
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