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Adobe Creative Jam

Our social media campaign was awarded People's Choice award and Runner's Up for the Judge's Award

Competing in the Adobe Creative Jam was such a great experience that

challenged my creative skills, and also taught me new skills that I can utilize in my desired field. The Creative Jam was an inspiring celebration of community partnership, embodied learning and amazing talent! UW student designers produced work in User Experience Design with Adobe XD and a Social Media campaign with Adobe Spark – under a tight 3-hour deadline! Teams were given the prompt, “Get out the Vote” to encourage students to vote in the upcoming election.

Using Adobe Spark, we then created an engaging site for UW students to prepare for Election Day. My team created “Your Vote Matters,” a Spark Page that UW students can use to register and find the closest poll booth near them. We interviewed real students and asked them why they don’t vote. Most of them just didn’t know where to go or how to register. We incorporated an interactive Google Map, easy-to-use registration buttons, and a Q & A guide for student voting onto our site so now their questions have answers that make voting simple.

Following the competition, designers and publishers shared their stories and experiences with lightning talks. The student design teams then pitched their products to a judge’s panel and the audience, which is something that challenged me since my nerves sometimes get the best of me while I am presenting. The judges announced the winning teams and...

Our product was awarded the Peoples’ Choice award and Runner up for the Judge’s Award! I had not expected to win anything, and I just hoped to gain experience in building a social media campaign. I was thankful for this opportunity, as I learned, collaborated, and designed with creative students and professionals. I gained real experience, networked with new colleagues and friends, and gained knowledge I am excited to share with others.

Currently, I am taking a social media class this semester, so it was interesting to be on the other side of social media. Rather than studying how the creators intended the platform to be used, I was in the creator’s shoes trying to discover the best solution to the users experience. Creating the user experience comes with the same amount of thought and concentration that we use in class while analyzing different media platforms. It was helpful when designing a social media campaign to have analyzed the features that make up media platforms, so I was able to create a user experience that made student voting easy.

Before designing the website, my team looked at the features of our site that we would like to include to make it easy to navigate; we chose to include an interactive Google map, buttons that allowed for easy registration, and information that answered students questions. We designed our site content around the mission statement, “Discover why your vote matters, where to vote, and how you can make a difference.” Establishing the design features and mission statement gave our team a direction to focus on as we created our campaign. Through our thoughtful planning, we were then able to carry out the features that made our site appealing to student voters. Designing a social media campaign has given me a new perspective on the platforms we have discussed in class, such as Twitter or Facebook. While our site is not as complex as these media platforms, I have gathered a basic understanding of the inner workings of the development stages.

To view our site and other moments from the Creative Jam, feel free to check out this site!

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