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saint paul's housing campaign

project includes video spots and print marketing materials


saint paul's catholic

student center


art director & designer



Saint Paul’s Catholic Student Center plans to establish a housing program for college students that enriches the lives of University of Wisconsin-Madison students with the presence of the Catholic faith and a support system rooted in love. 


The goal of this campaign was to raise funding for this initiative by targeting key benefactors. We recognized the need to depict what Catholic community housing really looked like, so I art directed three video testimonies, photographed community living and designed a magazine mailer. 

01. print materials

bernadette house direct mailer
The Bernadette House is currently a part of Saint Paul's Catholic Student Housing, and will be open to UW freshman women in Fall 2021. St. Paul’s needed to create marketing material to reach incoming freshmen. While this brochure was sent to incoming students, the Bernadette House aided in further communicating the idea of Catholic housing to benefactors. 
catholic student housing magazine mailer
This mailer was sent to benefactors and Saint Paul's alumni across the country to raise funding for the housing initiative. After conducting separate student and parent surveys, I gathered the data and visually communicated the supporting results for the project in this mailer. I also photographed students living in the current Catholic communities to allow benefactors to better understand the meaning of Catholic living communities. 

02. video spots

catholic student housing video testimonies
I art directed three shoots at 3 different living communities to visually depict what exactly 'living in community' means and how it has impacted student's quality of living at UW-Madison. These video spots were meant to engage benefactors and show them how living in community at St. Paul's impacts all aspects of the student's lives. I art directed videographer, Karl Sommerville, during the shoot and post-production to tell each student's story in an inspiration way. 
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