nice to meet you!

i'm abby, an art director + designer.

When I was three, my short curly hair gave me a Shirley Temple-esque look. While the curls have since grown out, they continue to be a trademark of my personal brand. Other staples include:
just take a look inside my home decor + wardrobe - 
you'd understand
I once ran a half marathon in 100° heat + passed out at the finish line - I still got the PR
ice cream
preferably anything with chocolate + peanut butter
abbymeyerco_2020_final-17 copy.png

if you'd like to get in touch to discuss freelance work

or grab coffee, please contact me.

strategic thinker 

with a passion for impactful design

1. Achiever
2. Creative
3. Insightful
4. Decisive
5. Deliberate and Passionate
kind words

Abby did an excellent job in collaborating and learning from team members and then seeking out and acting on feedback. Each of her projects is a great example of her strong ability to partner with people while still bringing her point of view and design thinking to the end result. Abby’s thoughtful concepting and execution on each of her projects was a fantastic way for her to demonstrate her design skills and quick ability to gain an informed point of view and translate it to strong creative solutions.

Anne Hieke
Senior Manager, Associate Creative Director - Target Creative
My experience with Abby’s work ethic came not long after she was hired as EAA’s Graphic Design Intern.
During that time, I truly enjoyed working with Abby because of her positive attitude and eagerness to
stick to tight deadlines. Abby’s motivation was valued not only by myself but also by her peers who often
relied on her to get the job done.
Amber Pawlitzke
Senior UW Designer at Experimental Aircraft Association
Abby continues to showcase her willingness to take initiative, her dedication to working as a member of a team, and an on-going commitment to personal growth. She has remained highly engaged, taking pride in her work and giving maximum effort in all that she does. Her relentless drive to achieve her goals, even if they appear out of reach, will serve her well throughout her career. Abby recognizes the unique opportunity to learn from her teammates while working to accomplish shared goals. Her maturity allows her to acknowledge and learn from the disparate skills and strengths of each team member. This thoughtful approach has enabled Abby to become a more well-rounded addition to our team.
Mark Kueppers 
Assistant Dean/Director at UW-Madison Center for Leadership & Involvement