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target holiday

Client: Target   |   2023   | Social  Art / Motion Direction, Visual Design

Target Holiday campaign captured the warmth of the holiday season through authentic storytelling that celebrate the holidays,

no matter how you holiday. 

As lead social art director, I led the social team over the 8-month timeline to produce creative for social platforms. This project included concepting and directing social video assets while collaborating with broadcast team and Mother, our external agency, to create a cohesive campaign that aligns with business objectives. A joyful collaboration was had by all while Team Target decked the halls this holiday season.

meet the crew

Role: Lead Social AD

Agency: Target Creative
Video Production: Merman

Project Managers: Tony Rivera, Madison Ordner, Lauren Atwell

TC Team Lead: JacobPasterski

Engagement Manager:  Megan Sigelman

Lead Strategist:  Jenna Richardson


Creative Lead:  Heidi Shellum

Motion AD:  Michael Greenwell

Copy: Craig Lesterson, Carolina Sotola

Video ADs:  Jen Trotter, Dana Christopherson

Social ADs: Abby Meyer, Bobby Rogers

Digital AD:  Derek Huber


Producers: Michelle LappinDay, Natasha Nikolai

PDs: Spencer King, Mike Dietsche, Jazzmyne Johnson

Product Producer: Ali Monson

Execution SL CW:  Karina Mora

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