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target spring

Client: Target   |   2023   |   Photo & Video Art Direction, Motion & Animation, Visual Design

Target Spring campaign focused on promoting deals on all things spring — from clothing to sweet treats! As lead social art director, I led the team throughout creative process from concept to execution to create motion assets for the campaign. I also supported direction of the video to create content for the cross-channel marketing campaign.


meet the crew

Role: Video AD

Agency: Target Creative
Production Company: Plural Films

Director: Rachel Knoll
DP: Steve Holm
Producer: Evelyn Sadowski
Creative Producer: Amy Erickson
ACD: Heather Bahr

Lead Video AD: Michelle Intoccia

Copywriter: Susan George
Video Prop Stylist: Lynn Larson
Production Design: Eric Hugunin
Editor: Cody Brown
VFX: Brian Olson
Color: Michael Sandness
SFX: Ken Chastain
1st AD: Carrie Bush
Motion Control: Carsten Johnson
VTR: Nathan Armstrong

Video Wardrobe: Ann Marshik
Video Glam: Angelia Guthrie

Role: Lead Social AD

Agency: Target Creative
Production Company: Treehouse

Creative Producer: Ali Spitzak
ACD: Heather Bahr

Lead Social AD: Abby Meyer

Social AD: Jodi Fischer

Copywriter: Susan George

Photo: Colleen Guenther

Food Stylist: Kira Setterholm 
Prop Stylist: Lynn Larson
Wardrobe: Ann Marshik
Glam: Fatima Olive

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